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OnCamera app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 384 ratings )
Lifestyle Medical Travel
Developer: OnCamera
Current version: 2.0.4, last update: 4 days ago
First release : 02 Dec 2014
App size: 37.61 Mb

Push the button on your phone, be nearly instantly connected. Have it when you need it. Share it with the people that you care most about.

Pros and cons of OnCamera app for iPhone and iPad

OnCamera app good for

Great app! Was able to connect to a first officer immediately. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Loved the app! It is a great idea and I have encouraged lots of my friends to downloaded it!
This app works great. I made a test call and within seconds I was face to face with a real police officer. He took the time to explain how the system would work if I was actually in a threatening situation. If I still had a daughter in school especially I would have this for her immediately.
It was about time that you have this app Who ever did it , thank you for make me feeling no more safe I hope this prevents tragedies
Bravo who ever thought of this. I already feel safe. Thank you. Going to have me kids and family members download the app.
This app is a great development for personal safety. It is very easy to use and get registered. I would recommend it to anyone in big cities or to use in any situations when you dont feel safe. The peace of mind is worth it!

Some bad moments

I downloaded it but it isnt working. Keeps restarting and telling me Im registered then not registered. Never saw any button to press for alert. App has good potential but needs work!
Seems like a GREAT app! But how can it save my life if it wont get off the "Learn More" page?? How would this help me in an emergency??
10 dollars per minute? I thought this was suppose to be a helpful app for everyone, kind of like an extension of 911.... Apparently it isnt unlimited time per month & its 10 dollars per minute youre on the phone. If its take 4 minutes to deescalate a situation and you talk to the officer for 3 thats 70 dollars......
Wow, $17.99 a month for membership? When we already pay taxes to be safe and protected? Or register for FREE and pay $9.99 for each minute you are in danger? Hmmm if I was held at gun point for 10 minutes it would cost me 99.99 ? If this technology is available why are our police departments not already using it and it being a free service? This is a great idea no doubt! But to charge for it is a disgrace ! Bullets for my 40 cal. Cost 18.00 a box, I think this is the most cost effective means of self protection...
I just signed up and paid $17.99. The app is not working for me. Someone please contact me.
Its great idea,but I just feel like we help police to catch a bad guys and we have to pay for it... ?

Usually OnCamera iOS app used & searched for

emergency chat, camera lock, and other. So, download free OnCamera .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.