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Great app! Was able to connect to a first officer immediately. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Awesome app

Loved the app! It is a great idea and I have encouraged lots of my friends to downloaded it!

Great app

This app works great. I made a test call and within seconds I was face to face with a real police officer. He took the time to explain how the system would work if I was actually in a threatening situation. If I still had a daughter in school especially I would have this for her immediately.

It was about time

It was about time that you have this app Who ever did it , thank you for make me feeling no more safe I hope this prevents tragedies

Amazing invention

Bravo who ever thought of this. I already feel safe. Thank you. Going to have me kids and family members download the app.


Cant seem to get beyond teens of service

Needs work

The app itself is poorly designed, allowing you to register but logging you out randomly afterwards. The set up process seems like a loop, with you going through their Learn more option and then finishing all of their tips before closing it and being presented with the option to go through it again. No where did I see any sort of actual emergency button, there was a white circle that I tried pressing but it didnt seem to accomplish much. After scouring the app for a moment to see where the actual function was, I dropped the app altogether. The concept itself is spot on- I fully support this. So please upgrade your app to help keep people safe.

Concept is great

App itself needs a lot of work. I couldnt register and there was no clear button to push to make the call. If they update the app and get rid of the bugs, this could be genius.

Isnt working

I downloaded it but it isnt working. Keeps restarting and telling me Im registered then not registered. Never saw any button to press for alert. App has good potential but needs work!

How much???

I havent activated my app yet, because it sounds like I would be writing a blank check to the "licensor." It sounds like an awesome app, but I would like to know how much it costs BEFORE I agree to pay.

How can it save me if it doesnt work?

Seems like a GREAT app! But how can it save my life if it wont get off the "Learn More" page?? How would this help me in an emergency??


10 dollars per minute? I thought this was suppose to be a helpful app for everyone, kind of like an extension of 911.... Apparently it isnt unlimited time per month & its 10 dollars per minute youre on the phone. If its take 4 minutes to deescalate a situation and you talk to the officer for 3 thats 70 dollars......

Pay for cops or protection?

Wow, $17.99 a month for membership? When we already pay taxes to be safe and protected? Or register for FREE and pay $9.99 for each minute you are in danger? Hmmm if I was held at gun point for 10 minutes it would cost me 99.99 ? If this technology is available why are our police departments not already using it and it being a free service? This is a great idea no doubt! But to charge for it is a disgrace ! Bullets for my 40 cal. Cost 18.00 a box, I think this is the most cost effective means of self protection...

App not working

I just signed up and paid $17.99. The app is not working for me. Someone please contact me.

9.99$ a minute Im in danger?

Its great idea,but I just feel like we help police to catch a bad guys and we have to pay for it... ?

They text you

At the beginning i thought it was a cool app in terms of security.. Specially for me because i walk by myself at nights... But stopped being nice after i realized you have to pay. I eliminated the app and later on, people from on camera app started to send me regular text messages which is not only weird but not professional.. What other info they take about u!

Zero stars - scam

I actually paid up front for a membership. Was charged and now the app will not let me login. So I allowed the "security officer" to convince me to pay for an unlimited access membership and havent even been able to use the service. I should not have been ruled by fear. Dont make the same mistake I did!

Great app!

This app is a great development for personal safety. It is very easy to use and get registered. I would recommend it to anyone in big cities or to use in any situations when you dont feel safe. The peace of mind is worth it!

App works great!

Hi Everyone, Now I feel safe walking alone day or night. As a single female living in San Francisco. I often feel uneasy walking by myself at night, and during daylight depending on the neighborhood. I have immediate access to a first responder. I finally feel secure, protected and have peace of mind. All Woman should download. Let your mobile be your safety device. Be Safe! -KM

Requires membership

This app requires a membership (decently priced) & is not available in all areas (reason I didnt keep it). It has a lot of potential though.

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