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On camera

Video was clear. I like the idea of speaking with a retired police officer if I need assistance. This is worth it.

Stop Violence / Keep the people you care about safe

No one should be without this service. You dont want your only option to be waiting minutes for a cop by calling 911 when you can be talking to one in seconds using this service. What is your personal safety worth?


Finally they get it right! Most of the issues from the beta have been worked out, and was surprised how fast an officer showed up when I pressed the button

Modern Police

Everyone should have an instant video connection with the police in their pocket. This app makes the world a safer place. Amazing.


As a retired cop with 35 years of service I think this app is a must have. Thats why I have made sure my entire family has signed up. Theres nothing better then having a cop in your pocket.

Trial and Monthly Charges

Although this sounds like a great app, I didnt see anywhere where on the description that its a 2 week trial then they charge $17.99 month to keep the service. I found out when they called and wanted my charge card number.



NOT A VERIFIED APP-may be a scam

The app support contact info is not valid. My local police dept doesnt know anything about this app. Seriously, how would the police be able to monitor something like this? Secondly, this app wants to charge you once you give them your contact information-I doubt the government would charge for this service. I suspect this may be a SCAM

Great Idea - Start Up Trying to Move forward

I downloaded the App. Love the Idea (as several others by Mr. Decharms). After I researched the company, I realized this is an Start Up trying to attract users. I believe that an investor with proper resources might get very interested and will fund this enterprise facilitating a proper roll out. This initiative requires Money, coordination with Police Forces, Counties, etc. Personnel. Not ready to provide Service and I do believe that if Investors provide guidance and Egos are under control from IP holders we all can benefit with a great initiative.


Do not get this. There is not any customer service phone number for this company. If you want to cancel, it says download the app. When I downloaded it, it has no record of my account, name, phone number or email but has already taken my money. I had to contact my bank to stop payment. The website says dont do that but I think its so they can continue taking your money!!!


A caller from OnCamera just called me to advertise this app and immediately ended the call when I showed caution against giving my card information. PLEASE be cautious and do not give valuable information away unless you have verified with credible sources on the validity of this app!


Sucks!! Anyone know how to stop payments?

Didnt work in my area either. Brilliant idea! If it works...I would give it a 10!

I agree with others..charge for the app! The idea is incredibly brilliant and many would pay $$ to save their own lives.

Spoke w officer than didnt work

Was able to register spoke w officer which said got my location. I screen shotted him just in case... Then when i ended call it said it wasnt available for my jurisdiction. Deleted app ... And lets just say this if anyone shows up at my home, there will be something more than the cops waiting for them. SCAM

Scam? Zero stars

Same experience, as soon as I did not give a contribution, the app said the service was not available in my location. Very disappointing. If this is legit and you need money, why dont you just charge for the app.

Easy setup

It has easy access, but its not available in my area, Denver, CO. Seems weird.

Poorly done

There was absolutely no indication that this was an app with in app purchases in order to bump my registration to the top of the list for support. Poorly done, and a lie of omission is exactly as much a lie as one of commission.

Doesnt work

The service is not available in my area. Im deleting app now...

Not available in Ohio

This idea sounds great!! However it appears maybe if you dont make a donation then your "lower priority" so its "not offered in your area"!! If thats the case then change it to a PAID app!! Waste of my time

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