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App doesnt work

Select no thanks to a contribution and coincidently they dont have service in your area... Humm go figure

Not Working.

Not available in Denver???? Really. Great idea but doesnt look like its too successful. This is sad.

They ask for money!

I dont think this app is working anywhere. If it doesnt work in the largest cities, it doesnt work. I saw their ad and thought I would take a look. They are asking for money! This is pathetic. If you want a good app that helps protect you or your kids, Safe-U is a good one. This one is being deleted. Besides, I am pretty sure this will never work. Use common sense. Especially when they dont even have the app running and are already asking for money!

I didnt donate upfront, so its not available in my GA area

I think this app is a load of BS! Dont offer a app service just to get donations for "supposedly" off duty cops who will be first responder! I dont believe it! The choices where: $10 for donation, $29 to bump the long wait line to become a lifetime member, etc.! Bump the line? Dudes, bumped your heads! Anyone fell for this upfront, they deserved your $10 or so. Everyone knows his type of product has to be tested by use and word of mouth! Deleting this off my iPhone! Im in Georgia, and I feel all states cant be not operative! Thats just a general line they say when you dont donate! I will just buy a gun.... Smdh!


I downloaded the app yesterday and no officers were available. I left the app on my phone incase developers were generating a build. Today I tried it, pressed the red button and an officer answered. We spoke briefly and I stated that I was conducting a test. So...it does work.

Complete joke!!!

Not only do they want a minimum $10 donation, but the app says "there are no officers available. Call 911" in downtown Chicago. Dont waste your time with this crap. Buy a gun, a knife, pepper spray, a stick, a fork or anything that you think you can protect yourself with. This piece of crap app is going to get someone killed. The only reason Im giving it one star is because zero stars or negative stars isnt an option.

Big City Not Yet

Has anybody really been able to use this app yet? I dont think so. I didnt choose to donate money and surprise it doesnt work here yet. Im in shock it doesnt work in Dallas Texas! Tell me it doesnt work because you dont have enough funds then Id believe you!!! Great idea but why dont they just charge us a one time fee if thats what they want?

No officers available in my jurisdiction!

I have some hope as another girl said she got this message at first then tried at a later date & it worked. Greasy idea if it will really work.

Dont waste the time

Even if I could get it to work it is not worth it. By the time the front page is done loading, you are toast. Plus predators will most likely attack from behind and you will not know they are coming to have enough time to pull out your phone, open the app, wait for it to load and sometimes it may say that you have no connection. This is not a life saver but a life waster.

I would give this 0 if I could

I donated $10 to this and I actually have a real need for this. They said “Try the beta version of this” and I download it and it doesn’t work saying I “don’t have access to the downloaded app” or there are “currently no officers in my jurisdiction.” If the beta version isn’t available, DON’T MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Way to rob people out of their money who really need this app.

Test 123

This app does not work. What a waste of time. There should be 0 stars for apps like this..


Like others have written, the app does not currently work. I would have donated, contributed or even paid for a working service. If this could provide the level of service they advertise in their video, then I would think it might be worth trying. Nice concept, but fail right now. Don’t bother downloading, save yourself the trouble.

What good is it to advertise

Not available in a major city? Deleted

It could work

I think its a great idea and hope the company follows through with it. I didnt donate but Im thinking about it. We all use our phones and have it glued to our hands. Its a great app and idea. This is a constant worry as a woman. Men should worry too. This has potential.

Its new and needs help

They are just starting do yes its not every where. Anyone complaining is complaining to be rude. They explain why they need help and why its not everywhere. This is just like texting 911 its been years since they started that but its not everywhere. Be good and patient this will be the best thing that ever happened, if we help it grow.

Great Idea!

People are forgetting that this is beta version. Im totally looking forward to this app!!

It doesnt work

It doesnt work. Downloaded the app. They said there was no one assigned. They asked for money.


When there are officers available in my area, and I can test to see it works then I will donate no problem. I havent had the opportunity to test it so I wont bash it. My review is based on the idea, and Im hopeful that this works. Obviously officers participating need to be paid and I have no problem paying if it works.. Guess will wait and see.


Great idea but it doesnt work, unless you "donate". It should not say free app but then ask for donations and immediately after you do not donate it tells you you are not accepted. Just charge for the app!!!!


This app. is great and right now is free during their Beta test. I actually spoke to an officer during the test call I am in Georgia and he was in California & he knew my street name and could have warned an attacker immediately or the police at my door. I was totally amazed we did video chat and their website is cameraone.co and they will be charging for this and it will be worth it because it does what I saw on the FB video a friend shared with me. 5 Stars or really 100 from ME****

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