OnCamera App Reviews

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It works!

I was surprised to see an officer on the first attempt to call. This will be of great help when it is fully functional - currently it is beta with limited officers and limited time. To use this service even in beta, you need to pay monthly. But price is minimal when compared to life risks and facing difficult situations.

Excellent concept... Too expensive....

The people that need it the most are college students and single women that work at night or travel alone for work. I would get it for myself and daughters if it wasnt so expensive. More people will get this if it is not so expensive, then the volume sales would take care of the lower cost. Maybe once it is established and running costs can be lowered. Fantastic concept, positive identification at your fingertips!

This app doesnt work

This is a joke they advertise it to be a free app but want 18 a month, are you serious? what a joke dont waste your time on this one.

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