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They are collecting interest currently

They are collecting interest at this point and clearly says they will contact you when service is available in your area. Obviously it isnt going to be free to have any live human available at the push of a button.


If you read the terms, #3 clearly states that once you register you will be charged monthly fees. This is not free.

Please post fee

Great idea. Before I agree to terms and conditions, please post the fee.

Unregistered Me!

I deleted the App after I was unable to go back to adjust my "donation". I didnt enter my location or other personal info yet because it felt like a scam. Its too bad, because it sounds like a great idea.

10 thumbs down!

If I could give NO stars, I would! This is such a scam! Why not start with a go find me or something? Glad I didnt pay even the $10 minimum! I downloaded the app just now. I am in Boston. I have a Rhode Island phone #. When I registered I filled out my home state, as requested. At the end of registration it asked for a donation of $10. Or I can donate monthly or up to a year one time for $290. I clicked no thank you as I wanted to see how well the app works. It says it will use my phones location to run a test & see if its available. Nothing. No service available to you right now. Please check back in the future. Really? Im in Boston. And you cant protect me?

Not yet working in Denver

I just downloaded and it seems the app is still very new and programmers are still sorting out the demand and the manpower for different States. Its a great concept and I will keep it downloaded and hope they get their feet on the ground and make their idea work.

No available in Los Angeles !!!

I read the reviews just now. Its available in VIRGINIA but not Los Angeles. I can promise you there is more crime in LA then VIRGINIA. They need to get the app in major cities first then the sub burbs. Erased the app. Dont advertise if its not available.

Great idea!

I installed this for myself and my girls phones. It said it will be available when it is up and running. This is a beta version.

Great idea but...

I was able to register and they even asked me for a donation. It seems like a great idea that would work but its not there yet. It needs tons of work, not only did the app freeze a couple of times but after the test run the app told me no officers were available in my jurisdiction. Also, if you get a regular phone call it interrupts the service. Imagine a bad situation and a friend calls to say hi, well you would no longer have a cop on the phone to diffuse the situation and the bad guy gets the upper hand. For now I rather call 911. Maybe once I get the notification saying theres service in my area, Ill download the app once more.

Great idea, poor execution

Now that we have the means for this kind of technology, it needs to be utilized universally and run by actual law enforcement officers in every jurisdiction, the same way we currently have 911. Safety should not be a luxury afforded by the rich. When we elect President Bernie Sanders, Im sure hell have no problem taking a tiny fraction of the money we waste on war technology, and putting it toward implementing this kind of higher-tech 911 service everywhere. Its a no brainer, really.

Free but not...?

Great idea but why say its free if its really not? Come on now just be honest.

Not sure what to think

I downloaded the app after seeing it advertised on FB. Saw the video & was impressed. After filling out the info for my profile & selecting a $10 donation, it said that service isnt in my area...I live in NYC...they should start up service in NYC, LA & DC first, no? I have absolutely no clue how they are getting the $10 donation, since I didnt include any cc info. Didnt seem like a scam, but over exciting advertising. Hope to hear this app is up & running one day bc it is better to have it & not need it, than needing it & not having it.

Asking for donations :/

Maybe this should be a paid app if you are asking for donation ... It will help if you need to pay workers ... Other then that I sure hope this app works ... When the time comes

Cannot update profile

Im moving soon from a rule town in the middle of Iowa into a large city of taxes. Id like to update my profile to reflect that and get my "red button." There is no where to do that and Im hopeful that this app gets revised soon! Im happy to pay a donation when the service is available in my home area.

Doesnt work, not available

Too bad, great idea. Most of us would pay for this service if it was available.

Doesnt work in PHILLY???

This app needs to realize that people live on the borders of different states and MOVE. That people rarely change cell numbers even after they move. I live in Philly but my phone number is south jersey so it automatically decides whether the service is avail based on my number NOT MY LOCATION which is most important. And its a non functioning app thats basically just an ad to garner donations for the POSSIBILITY of a functioning app! Dont get me wrong, its an excellent IDEA but it shouldnt have been available on the AppStore publicly until it was a full fledged functioning and usable app. That means at least ALL major cities in the US. And again the issue with the phone numbers. Im leaving it installed when and if they get it working because I really could use something like this, but if youre just curious, prepare to be highly disappointed

Service not available in my area!?!?

I live in a big city with lot of crime! How is this not available in my area? Oh yah thats right because I didnt donate! Sorry I want to make sure this thing worked before I donated any $$.

I think this is a scam!

Doesnt even work in PORTLAND, Oregon!

Cant even register...

Because my cell phone number has a "1" in it. And the system isnt sophisticated enough to detect that its part of my ten-digit number, and not a country code prefix. This is the app that is supposed to help in dangerous situations?

Bugs already detected

Upon the register, bugs already have been detected. Asking for recommendation PRIOR the using for the first time which doesnt make any sense. How can I recommend it to anyone before I get to test it out first?! Plus - I think its triggered not to be available within your area IF not placing any donation first. Once again - WHY the need for recommendation AND the donation BEFORE having any opportunity to use the app?! Lastly, what about deaf women? Will this help them in any way? This is great idea but ...fix it BEFORE promoting it.

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